Response to Crystal’s Concept in 60

I really liked your concept. I agree with Kim that the opening scene of the video where you are writing the question seems a little bit off, but I really like that you give examples of the many different ways new media can be used. I especially like the last clip where you highlight the various purposes that you demonstrate in your video. It makes your message very clear. Your video quality is good, and all of the scenes flow well together. It would be really interesting to hear the audio you chose. Also, the credits scrolling during that last segment are a bit jarring and difficult to read. Overall, great job.


Response to Stella’s Concept in 60

Your video is fantastic! I think this class as a whole has done some amazing work. I love the way you show the way writing has progressed, but that despite these changing mediums, the overall goals and messages have been the same. As an English major, your video gives me hope that no matter where technology takes us, books and literature will always have a place in society in one form or another. We shouldn’t be afraid of these changes, we should embrace them as a way to augment and re-experience the books we already love. I can only imagine how much time it took to do all of those screen captures, but the result was awesome. Your concept is clearly defined, and your audio, video, and text all flow well and work together. Other than tweaking the speed of your statement at the end, I really don’t have any suggestions for improvement. Great job. :)

Response to Jessica’s Concept in 60

I really liked the concept you had for your video.  You expressed it very clearly, and  It is really interesting to think about how much we now communicate through the use of technology rather than face to face conversation.  The audio and video were both good quality.  However, at some points the audio seemed to either cut off rapidly (like at the end) or overlap with other audio.  I think the text actually works really well in your video to enhance the impact of the interviews.  Depending upon which song you pick, adding music could potentially detract from your message.  Overall, I think you did a really good job on this video.  It incorporated many different elements such as audio, video, and text into a very cohesive and thought provoking presentation.

Response to Holly’s Concept in 60

This video is fantastic! Not only does it flow well and have elements that all work well together, but the idea is clearly stated and thought provoking. I think that having your entire dialogue and credits typed on a computer screen was really effective in developing your point about art, writing, and creativity finding new outlets in technology. The videos you picked incorporate everything from singing and acting to gaming. Each of these videos embody your message that technology and new media can be used in an artistic way to create entertaining, valuable final products. Also, using Google to look up different definitions of art was a really great idea. However, I do agree with Crystal that you could expand your examples a little bit to incorporate how these types of new media are allowing for more creativity and artistry in scholarship as well as entertainment.

Peer Review of Allison and Michelle’s Concept in 60

I agree with everyone that the picture and audio quality of this video is great! I actually liked the fact that you showed the two Facebook screens with just your arms and elbows in it at first. It made your overall idea seem more universal. A couple more close ups of the messages might be helpful though. The idea of exploring how social networking cites such as Facebook have changed the way we form, categorize, and think about friendships was incredibly insightful and relevant to today’s culture. The camera work at the begining and end of the video, but other than that, the filming and transitions were seamless. I thought the idea of showing both laptops and phones and showing how they both were being used to access social networking sites was really interesting. My favorite part of the entire video was at the end when you and Michelle use the cardbord signs to ask if people will be your “real” friends. It really highlights the idea that sometimes we are friends with people on Facebook that we hardly ever see or talk to in the real world which creates a different level of interaction and connection. Sometimes, this can result in people not actually getting to really know the people who they have no problem calling their friends online. Overall, great job guys! ^.^

Response to Rebecca

I remember when I was a kid, the only game system I ever used was Nintendo. They had (and it sounds like they are still making) some great games. Sometimes excessive advertising is not a sign of prosperity, but one of desperation. Companies that are assured of a certain number of sales might not feel the need to advertise too heavily. On the other hand, it seems like the gaming market has become increasingly crowded and competitive, with each company trying to outdo the other. A lot of the time, it seems like the products these companies create are essentially the same thing, just under a different name. At that point, everything comes down to brand loyalty. Some people will always stick to Nintendo while others will stay loyal to their X-boxes or PS3s.

The Doctor is In

Visiting  a doctor’s office can sometimes be an intimidating experience, particularly for those facing a serious illness.  Increasingly, people are recognizing the importance of a trusting relationship between doctor and patient in increasing the success of treatment.  This article,, details how a researcher at Duke University created a computer program designed to help doctors become more empathetic and better address their patient’s fears and worries.  This program uses audio recordings of the doctors’ actual visits with patients, and gives them information on patient cues and how to respond to respond to these fears and emotions with a greater degree of empathy.  In a recent study, doctors who had used this program responded to their patients in an empathetic way twice as often as those who had not used it.   I support any idea that promotes open and compassionate communication between doctors and their patients. However, I do find it somewhat ironic that a computer program is being used to teach human emotions and sensitivity.  This program illuminates how technology has become integrated into many different areas of our lives and can actually be quite beneficial.  I know that I can be a bit cynical when it comes to the role of technology in modern society, but in this case, I honestly can’t see a downside.  From my point of view, this type of program represents the ideal interaction between humans and technology resulting in benefits for both doctors and the patients they treat.

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